Medcor U training provides in-depth training on all Medcor service lines like onsite clinics, 24/7 Injury Triage, and construction health & safety services

Medcor U Training

Working in an on-site setting or providing care remotely through telephone triage is different from working in traditional clinics and hospitals.

Medcor operates a formal training program designed specifically to prepare our clinicians to work on-site in workplace settings or remotely with telephone triage. Our training curriculum includes learning Medcor’s clinical standards and protocols, software, operating methods, and other fundamentals clients expect the staff assigned to them will already know. Medcor’s training also covers regulatory requirements.

Training is conducted in a variety of ways, including on-site in the company’s training facilities, on-site in client facilities (when our instructors go to the job site), and through distance learning tools, including webinars, audio conferences, video conferencing, and online training modules. Training content is updated regularly to reflect updates in our services, software, and to address current issues. Training can be client-specific, and it varies to match the clinical level of the staff.

Medcor supports its associate’s professional and personal development with a variety of continuing education programs.

Medcor also provides training to its customers, including First Aid, CPR, AED, Blood Borne Pathogens, and a wide range of safety programs.

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