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Food Poisoning Facts

Nov 6, 2019 | Health Tips Blog

Food poisoning affects nearly 50 million people annually. While most cases resolve without the intervention of a healthcare provider, food poisoning can be serious – the CDC estimates that each year 128,000 people are hospitalized and 3,000 people die from food poisoning.

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How that Treat Can Trick You

Oct 30, 2019 | Health Tips Blog

Halloween kicks off the holiday season that’s inevitably filled with lots of sweet treats. But before you load up on sugar, here’s a word of caution from your heart. Added sugar in your diet may increase your risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Read more.

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What is Appendicitis?

Oct 23, 2019 | Health Tips Blog

Did you know appendicitis is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain leading to emergency surgery in adults? It’s also the most common reason for emergency abdominal surgery in children. People can have appendicitis at any age, but it is more common in teenagers and adults in their 20s.

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Sleep. Why aren’t you getting enough?

Oct 16, 2019 | Health Tips Blog

More than 1 in 10 Americans say they sleep less than 6 hours each night, uncomfortably below the minimum recommended amount of sleep. What’s causing this widespread lack of sleep? And what are the consequences? They may be more extensive than you think. Learn more.

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When do Ticks Bite?

Sep 25, 2019 | Health Tips Blog

When do ticks bite? Blacklegged ticks (Ixodes scapularis or Ixodes pacificus), who carry the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that causes Lyme disease, can bite throughout the seasons.

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Happy Feet (are Fungus-Free)

Sep 18, 2019 | Health Tips Blog

Don’t let the name deceive you—athlete’s foot can affect anyone (not just athletes). The fungus that causes athlete’s foot is contagious and easily spread in a variety of ways. So, how can you keep your feet happy and free from fungus? Learn more.

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