Good information helps enable clients to set priorities and determine how their programs are structured. Medcor’s information systems provide a variety of standard reports, as well as customized reporting. Medcor’s IT team, with the help of end users, developed proprietary software applications to meet clients’ needs and to integrate with other systems.

Because we developed and support our software in-house, we are able to configure it for clients without relying on third party vendors.

We believe in sharing information openly with our clients so they can understand their cost drivers, needs of their population, and our performance. Medcor can provide data feeds to clients, and give authorized users access to our secure data warehouse.

Similarly, we believe in sharing patients’ health information with them so they can understand their health conditions, risk factors, and treatment options in order to participate fully in their own care and wellness.

All data is encrypted, stored, reported, and transmitted securely in compliance with privacy laws. General health information provided to clients is aggregated or filtered to remove personal health information.

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Customized Reporting Chart -Activity
Customized Reporting
Clients benefit from Medcor’s wide range of reporting capabilities and willingness to share data. Clients can access reports on any frequency, from time of incident to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. Data can include an entire site or just specific groups of patients (i.e., departments or job functions), and can report on a single site or multiple locations. Reports are available in many formats, including Excel exports to allow integration with other data sources. Medcor’s systems facilitate trend analyses, benchmarking, and predictive modeling.