Health Security

COVID-19 has compelled employers to be more vigilant about the health of their workforce than ever before.

What is your strategy for safeguarding the health security of your workforce? What about your visitors and customers?

Medcor uses regularly updated clinical solutions through combinations of symptom screening, testing, exposure management, COVID Compliance Officers, and work clearances to support the health security of your employees, visitors, and customers.

Multiple strategies deliver the most appropriate solutions for the needs of each work situation.

Trusted Entry Symptom Screening

Health security begins with intelligent screening to deter the entry of an infectious disease into your business.

Trusted Entry streamlines rapid throughput for all entrants.

Using a self-service app and in-person temperature reading, Trusted Entry combines convenience, speed, and privacy.

Prior to entering any location, users complete a CDC-based symptom questionnaire on their smartphone. The entry process is completed with a temperature check by a Medcor COVID screener at the site.

When smartphones are not used, our COVID screeners facilitate the symptom questionnaire for entrants.

COVID screeners are trained with Medcor quality and service excellence standards and supported by Medcor’s proprietary systems, software, and operations.

Eager to stop COVID contagions at the door?

COVID Work Clearance

COVID Work Clearance is an excellent resource for you and your employees in many different COVID-related situations including onset of symptoms, exposure to someone with COVID, return-to-work clearance after COVID sickness, international travel, documentation of screening/test results, and safe site reopenings.

It provides a systematic way to assess employees for their COVID risk and demonstrates that you have taken reasonable precautions to protect your workforce, customers, and guests. This service provides employees with phone access 7 days a week, rapid assessment, and clearance based on current CDC guidelines.

Our screening team is equipped with Medcor’s proprietary software and patented assessment methods to offer callers symptom results, care instructions, and accurate next steps.

At the conclusion of each call, employees receive your company COVID policies. Employees who are cleared receive a digital certificate, and your team receives notice of call results. When needed, escalation to physician evaluation by telemed is available.

Want remote COVID assessment for your workforce?

COVID Compliance Officers

COVID-19 is complicated and figuring out how to keep it under control in your organization is challenging. Medcor implements COVID Compliance Officers to be there on the ground with you and your employees. COVID Compliance Officers coordinate and enforce your COVID policies, facilitate testing and symptom checks, and oversee exposure management.

Need someone to manage everything COVID for your business?

Physician COVID Consultation

Medcor has assembled a physician advisory council for employers who don’t have a physician on staff but want medical expertise as they make important decisions for their business. These physicians are experienced advising senior leaders and health and safety teams on travel, medical surveillance, preventive medicine, and more. Having a physician on retainer who acts as your company medical director will help you make sound choices regarding your COVID policies and procedures and what to do next.

Looking for a doctor to advise you on what matters for your company?

COVID Testing

Medcor provides for all worksite COVID testing needs at our clinics. From physician orders, to testing protocols, to lab partners, to collections, to secure result reporting, we have all the processes in place to relieve employers from the burdens that come with COVID testing.

Need COVID testing at your worksite clinic?