Health Security

COVID-19 has compelled employers to be more vigilant about the health of their workforce than ever before.

What is your strategy for safeguarding the health security of your workforce? What about protecting your customers? How will you demonstrate your employees did not contract COVID-19 at work? How do you keep track of the health identity of workers? Who has COVID-19? Who has truly recovered from the illness?

Medcor uses regularly updated clinical solutions through combinations of software, hardware, mobile apps, training, patented methods, and data analytics to support the health security of your employees, visitors, and customers, and to ensure timely workforce recovery.

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COVID-19 Screenings

Just as IT security protects against malicious contagions in your computer network, health security protects against infectious contagions in your workforce.

Health security begins with intelligent screening to deter the entry of an infectious disease into your business.

In response to the need to screen workforces for COVID-19, Medcor has developed several screening techniques using our patented assessment methods to suit any-sized workforce, large or small, near or far. In-person screenings are efficient and effective. Remote screenings allow dispersed workforces to check in from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, 24/7. We’ve also developed solutions to protect the health of your visitors and customers.

  • Rapid Entry Screening is in-person screening with trained screeners using a screener app and temperature checks. Taking less than 40 seconds, it is administered at entrances to pedestrians and drivers.
  • Trusted Entry Screening increases rapid throughput using a self-service screening app with in-person temperature screening to provide enhanced privacy, convenience, and speed.
  • Virtual Screening is remote screening by telephone using a team dedicated to you.
  • Custom Screening lets you license Medcor’s health security platform for use by your own screening staff.

The more thoroughly a workforce is screened, the better suspected COVID cases can be assessed and managed. When suspected cases are screened at the onset of illness, they can also be tracked all the way through to recovery and safe, appropriate return to work.

COVID-19 Screeners

Medcor’s COVID screeners are trained with Medcor quality and service excellence standards and supported by Medcor’s proprietary systems, software, and operations.

Our COVID-19 screeners follow Medcor’s proprietary medical protocols with the most up-to-date guidance from health authorities. They are screened for coronavirus each day, so that we can be sure they are not passing it on to your employees.

They are trained to hold infrared thermometers correctly, so they don’t risk spreading germs to the next person in line. And they are trained to put on and take off PPE correctly, so they don’t infect themselves or carry infection to others. Furthermore, if the correct PPE is not available due to supply shortages, our COVID Screeners will not perform any screenings, which is an important measure for their own safety, as well as that of your workforce.

Health Identity

Protecting health privacy will never cease to be important to Medcor. HIPAA laws have not changed, even though COVID-19 has changed much of the world.

An employer can require its workers to inform the employer about their COVID status. With HIPAA authorization, an employee’s status with respect to screening criteria can be communicated to an employer providing the minimum information necessary to advise whether an employee does or does not meet the criteria for admittance to a facility. Additionally, the normal workers’ comp rules and regulations apply to COVID cases that are deemed to be work-related.

When Medcor capture’s the health identity of an individual, it is for the ultimate benefit of both the patient and the employer. Patients who are sick need time away from work to recuperate. Employers need to maintain the health security of their workforce by deterring sick workers from entering their workplace.

Workforce Recovery

An ease in COVID symptoms does not mean a patient has fully recovered. A patient may feel better but still be contagious. Leaving self-isolation too soon can spread the virus. With Medcor’s COVID screening, ill employees are tracked at the onset of their illness, meaning you can ensure employees don’t return to work too soon.

Return-to-Work Clearance Screenings

Medcor’s return-to-work screening methods use the most up-to-date authoritative guidance for determining recovery after a COVID-19 illness, and they incorporate your workplace return-to-work policy on COVID-19.

  • Physician Telemed RTW uses Medcor’s telemed app to connect patients with physicians for a comprehensive assessment.
  • Virtual RTW connects patients over the phone with a dedicated return-to-work screening team.

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