Medcor has developed many of the systems and procedures now widely adopted throughout the on-site clinic and triage industries.

For example, while other providers are now adapting third party electronic medical records for use in their worksite clinics, our Medfiles® system is in its seventh generation after being designed specifically for worksite health over 20 years ago. The program was designed by on-site clinicians and programmed and supported by an in-house team. This ensures the application is optimized for on-site clinic use, and eliminates the delays and costs commonly associated with third party software licensing.

Medcor holds several US and foreign patents on its innovative healthcare processes, with more patents pending.

Medcor’s injury triage service, introduced in 1997, is now widely embraced, copied by numerous competitors, and honored by a Business Insurance Magazine Innovation Award.

Medcor is able to integrate occupational care with primary care, as well as urgent care, wellness, disease management, safety, and other services because our unique systems are adaptable and built to be integrated

Medcor’s culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement has made it a recognized leader.

US Injury Triage Patents Issued for Medcor's Injury Triage Process
US Patents Issued
Parallel Triage
Address The Most Critical Issues First While Triaging Multiple Injuries
(US Patent No. 7,716,070)
This process allows simultaneous triage of multiple injuries and ensures the most urgent conditions are given priority across all injuries, before non-urgent questions are addressed.

Medcor’s 24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage Service Recognized For Innovation By Business Insurance Magazine
Medcor’s Injury Triage Service Recognized For Innovation By Business Insurance Magazine
Medcor, Inc. received the 2011 Innovation Award from Business Insurance magazine, a subsidiary of Crain Communications.