Medcor Telemed

How do you know if a hurt or sick employee can benefit from telemedicine or not? Some health concerns need the in-person care of a medical provider, such as getting sutures. But many can be resolved through telemedicine.

Medcor uses our proprietary care protocols and technology to identify when someone’s health concern can successfully be addressed by telemedicine. We can connect patients to Medcor Telemed through any of our services, including triage, onsite clinics, mobile units and health security.

With Telemed Classic, you give your employees 24/7 nationwide access to physicians; this enables them to receive the care they need without needlessly traveling to and spending time at an offsite provider. Board-certified physicians who are experienced in workers’ comp challenges connect with patients, diagnose conditions, order prescriptions and treatments, such as physical therapy, make work restrictions and give return-to-work clearances.

Our team of Patient Care Navigators assist patients throughout every step of the virtual visit for a user-friendly and effective experience.

Telemed Clinic extends onsite clinic services to remote workers. Your Medcor clinic providers will support your needs through Medcor’s Virtual Care Platform extending virtual care offerings outside of the clinic location.

Telemed Custom provides clients with solutions to meet their unique and specialized requirements.