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Innovative Health Services for California Counties

Available only through CSAC’s on-site clinic program with Medcor.

Valuable Benefits
   • Control costs, improve health outcomes, and provide convenient access for patients.
   • Dedicated to county employees and dependents.
   • High levels of customer service, including short wait times and longer appointments with
     providers who listen.
   • Support for existing county health and wellness programs – building on investments
     counties have already made.
   • Collaboration with community providers.
  Customized for Each County’s Unique Needs
Options include:
   • Scope of Services: Primary care, wellness and prevention, occupational health and
      workers’ compensation, and pharmacy.
   • Clinical Staffing: Physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, supported
      by RNs, and other professionals.
   • Flexible Schedules: Early morning, evening and weekend hours; clinics accept same-
      day appointments as well as walk-ins.

Experienced Provider in California
Medcor has been operating on-site clinics for employers in California for nearly 30 years, providing sustained positive results.

For More Information
Click here for the CSAC website.
Send an e-mail to: CSAC-Info@Medcor.com.
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