Medcor has been providing workplace health services for more than 30 years.

Medcor has provided care to more than 3 million people in its on-site clinics. This is not a new endeavor we are developing; some of our on-site clinics have been operating continuously for decades. We have developed systems that have proven to be scalable and sustainable. More than 170,000 worksites use our injury triage service. Nearly one-half of our nurses have handled over 13,500 injury triage calls each.

Our experience includes implementing our services for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, construction, government, retail, grocery, restaurants, entertainment, and other fields. We have experience in urban, suburban, and rural locations. We are equally experienced working in union and non-union environments. We serve large and small companies.

We have grown by meeting customer expectations rather than through acquisitions and mergers, so our experience is from operating services rather than from buying them. We offer clients seasoned staff in place who are building their careers here. The company is still led by its founders, and the management team averages nearly 20 years working together at Medcor. We have developed formal training systems to transfer the knowledge between our new associates so all our clients benefit from our aggregate experience. New clients get the benefit of our experience, while established customers benefit from our new service innovations.