Medcor Worksite Health & Wellness clinics provide convenient access to health care for employees and other covered lives.
Medcor injury triage offers beneficial health navigation that helps them determine the best course of action for workplace injuries.
Medcor Construction Health and Safety Clinics support projects nationwide to help prevent on-the-job injuries, reduce workers compensation costs, and ensure occupational health compliance.

Health & Wellness Services For The Workplace

Medcor provides health navigation through on-site clinics, telephonic injury triage, construction health & safety services, and through telemedicine.  Medcor’s proprietary clinical protocols, software, and operating systems enable our skilled staff to achieve sustained, positive results. Since 1984, employers of all sizes from many industries have benefited from Medcor’s innovative services:

  • Improve health outcomes.
  • Enhance access to care and customer service levels.
  • Reduce overall healthcare costs, including general health, workers’ compensation, and administrative costs.
  • Comply with regulatory and privacy requirements, including HIPAA, OSHA, HITECH, and GINA.
  • Provide access to healthcare data in aggregate for employers and individually for patients.
  • Support productivity, wellness, return to work, recruiting, retention, FMLA, risk, safety, and other health-related functions.

Medcor provides advocacy and decision support to patients to help assess their injuries and illnesses and to determine the best course of action. Medcor  provides appropriate guidance, treatment, referrals, and follow-up for patients, coordinating care with other stakeholders. Medcor delivers its services with on-site clinics and safety staff for large worksites, with telephonic injury triage for smaller locations and mobile workers.

Medcor improves outcomes by following evidence-based medicine, using only treatments that are shown to be effective, and avoiding ineffective services. Medcor enhances access to care by being available when and where we are needed by patients, with and without appointments, on-site, by phone, or online.

Medcor reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary treatments and their associated expenses, by operating efficiently without the administrative costs of claims, through early intervention to help patients get the right level of care, and through prevention services.

A wide range of employers have found value in Medor’s services, including private and public firms, government entities, urban and rural organizations, and leaders in many industries. (Learn more about clients served by Medcor)

Medcor’s services are available on a standalone basis, or in combination. Our systems are compatible with all insurance plans, provider networks, TPAs, and brokers. Medcor operates transparently, and without conflicts of interest, deriving no gains from claims, prescriptions, or referrals.

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