OnSite Clinic Options

Clients choose the clinic option that fits the needs of their projects. The size and type of clinic varies, as does the staffing and scope of service. Medcor can implement services on short notice for projects anywhere in the country.

  • On many projects, a trailer serves as the on-site first aid station or clinic. These trailers allow for fast implementation and easy mobility as jobs progress, and easy shut down when projects end. Medcor can use a trailer provided by the client, or provide our own trailer. Either way, Medcor provides all necessary equipment, supplies, and medications for the clinic.
  • At sites where space is limited, such as high-rise projects in urban areas, and underground projects, we utilize interior “shanties” for clinic functions. These can be moved during the project to keep the clinic near the workforce.
  • Clinics can be configured for optional services such as safety orientations and drug testing that can be conducted in the clinic.
  • On widespread projects, such as highways, pipelines and windfarms, Medcor operates mobile response units to serve the project.
  • Where there are multiple small sites close together, Medcor can serve several sites from a single clinic.

Turnkey Clinics

Medcor provides all necessary furniture, supplies, equipment and medications for our onsite clinics. We ensure all equipment is checked daily, calibrated and well maintained. We ensure all supplies are properly stocked and inventoried. We follow all applicable regulations and safety practices, including for privacy and confidentiality in a health care setting. Medcor works with clients to ensure appropriate utilities, HVAC, waste removal, and other considerations – even signage on the site to identify the clinic.

Medcor Telemed – 24/7 Nationwide

In the ever-changing world of construction, where dangers are frequently present, the severity of some injuries will always need offsite attention from a medical professional. Now, with Medcor Telemed, some cases that were previously referred offsite can remain onsite, receive needed care and go back to work.  Medcor Telemed connects workers to physicians 24/7 nationwide, complementing clinic capabilities during normal hours of operation and supplementing clinic functions during off hours or off seasons. Medcor Telemed works from fixed-location clinics as well as mobile units.
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Rapid Deployment

Medcor can implement services on short notice for projects anywhere in the country. Medcor maintains inventory of necessary supplies and equipment, and has vendor partners ready to ship specialized items at all times to ensure smooth start-ups. When necessary, we can even arrange for the clinic trailer to be delivered and set up. Medcor’s operations team has experience implementing onsite services at literally hundreds of projects nationwide. Customers appreciate a seasoned partner that is reliable and ready-to-go! These are not temp employees learning on your job, these are experienced professionals supporting your job!

Reporting and Information Management

Medcor has developed proprietary software (electronic medical record – EMR) to provide secure, standardized documentation and reporting of clinic services. Our Medfiles.OHS® software tracks all injury and illness data, performs trend analyses for safety, and complies with OSHA recordkeeping requirements. Medcor provides utilization data and injury reports to clients. The system also helps automate clinic documentation and allows Medcor to conduct on-going QA.

Sample Trailer Clinic Floor Plan

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Construction Onsite Clinic Floor Plan Trailer

Sample Trailer Clinic Photo

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Construction Clinics & Mobile Unit trailer's are great for many construction projects.

Mobile Clinic (SUV)

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Construction Clinics & Mobile Units SUV for remote worksites.

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