Medcor onsite Construction medic are ready to respond to any emergency, anywhere.Construction Site Medics

Medcor’s health technicians add value to any project, with their emergency response training as EMTs and medics combined with Medcor’s unique construction training in occupational health, OSHA and safety fundamentals. Medcor assigns experienced professionals, with a strong work ethic, high customer service, and  “can do!” attitude. Construction jobsites benefit from Medcor’s full-time benefitted professionals, backed by a cadre of support staff. These are more than temporary event staff – these are dedicated professionals with low turnover and a commitment to construction health and safety.

Clinical Levels to Meet Every Project’s Needs

Medcor offers a full range of clinical staff levels to meet the needs of each client and every project. Options include: EMTs and Medics, RNs, NPs and Pas, and even Physicians. Remote locations, or projects with very large numbers of employees or unusual hazards may require higher clinical levels. All Medcor staff assigned to construction projects are professionals, with relevant training and experience, and receive training in Medcor’s protocols, software and systems.

On-Going Support for On-Site Staff

Medcor’s on-site medics are constantly supported with training and access to operational, clinical and IT resources. Medcor’s systems help ensure on-site EMTS are not learning on the job at the client’s expense; we provide best practices to follow, practical SOPs, and construction-specific clinical guidelines and software.  In addition, experienced professionals are available to support them at all times.

It’s Much More Than Great Medical Care

Medcor’s staff understand the impact of return-to-work, safety compliance, OSHA recordables, workers compensation, claims management, experience mods, reporting, and getting the job done at construction sites.  Most sites have safety programs that reduce injuries, and our on-site professionals know what to do when injuries occur.  In the meantime, they find ways to stay busy, add value, and solve problems day in and day out.

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