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Medcor’s Direct Response service is a game changer for employers in the construction industry. This service provides on-demand care to injured and ill workers on the jobsite. It is ideal for widespread jobsites such as highway, wind, pipeline and utility projects. Our mobile health units bring health services to the location of the injured employee at the time of the incident. With a simple phone call, the injured worker’s supervisor can dispatch Medcor’s nearest unit and receive an estimated response time. One of Medcor’s specially-trained health technicians, already known as leaders in on-site medical service, will come to the jobsite in a Direct Response vehicle.

The service uses the same evidence-based injury assessment and treatment protocols used in Medcor’s clinics. Injuries that can be treated are returned to work. More serious cases are identified and referred to the right level of care. Workers’ comp cases and costs are controlled. The responding medic will also use Medcor’s proprietary Medfiles™ software, providing are instructions to the injured worker, and reports to the client regarding the injury and outcome. Direct Response is a practical bridge between Medcor’s comprehensive on-site services and our 24 hour telephone injury triage service.

Medcor Direct Response is compatible with OCIP, CCIP and traditional WC projects.

Specially Equipped Vehicles

Direct Response mobile units are conversion vans that provide a comfortable, private space for assessment and treatment of jobsite injuries inside the vehicle.

Practical Limitations

Medcor’s Direct Response service is not a 911, emergency response or ambulance service, and does not transport inured persons. In case of life threatening conditions, clients should contact their local EMS service.

Valuable Scope of Service

The scope of service provided by Direct Response is very similar to that provided by Medcor’s on-site clinics, and is delivered in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. With more than three decades of worksite health experience, Medcor’s services can successfully resolve over 85% of work-related injuries.

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