Direct Response SUVs

4-wheel-drive SUVs for remote & undeveloped projects.

Direct Response Vans

Specially-equipped for clustered sites in urban areas.

MDR Benefits

  • Reduce OSHA recordables and claims with onsite injury treatment.
  • Identify injuries that need offsite attention and refer to appropriate level of care.
  • Minimize use of ERs and maximize use of preferred providers.
  • Efficiently facilitate drug and alcohol testing onsite.
  • Obtain respirator fit testing, safety support, new-hire orientation, and more.

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Service Options

For single clients, covering a widespread project or multiple locations in the same area.

On Call
Shared service for multiple clients in the same area.

How MDR Works

Supervisors call for the nearest MDR mobile clinic. A Medcor health professional drives an MDR vehicle to the jobsite to provide requested health services.

MDR is not a 911 emergency service and does not transport injured persons.

For more information, call 833-MDR-4YOU ((833) 637-4968) or Download Medcor’s Direct Response Flyer
Medcor Direct Response Flyer for Construction worksites nationwide.

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