Medcor Direct Response Units can be deployed in remote areas and can be on-demand as well!

Medcor’s Direct Response mobile clinics provide on-demand care to workers injured at the jobsite. Our mobile health units bring health services to the location of injured employees at the time of the incident.

Our mobile clinics deliver the same evidence-based injury assessment and treatment protocols used in Medcor’s onsite clinics. Injuries that can be treated are returned to work. More serious cases are identified and referred to the right level of care, which includes Medcor Telemed, our telemedicine solution that allows workers to see a doctor without having to go offsite.

Direct Response SUVs

On remote and undeveloped projects, we use 4-wheel-drive SUVs to deliver health services to the entire project.

Direct Response Vans

Widespread jobsites such as highway, wind, pipeline, and utility projects, as well as clustered sites in urban areas, benefit from our Direct Response vans. These conversion vans provide a comfortable, private space for assessment and treatment of injuries.

Projects can use Direct Response vans in two ways:

  • Dedicated – services provided for one client project only.
  • On-Call – services available as needed for multiple clients and projects in one geographic area.

Medcor’s Direct Response service is not a 911 emergency response or ambulance service and does not transport injured persons.

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