Injury Triage

Medcor’s innovative telephonic injury triage service provides pre-claim injury assessment for employees at workplaces that cannot support an onsite medical clinic. It can also be used to complement onsite clinics after hours or on weekends, or whenever an onsite medical professional is not in the clinic. Employers and employees alike find that injury triage offers them beneficial health navigation that helps them determine the best course of action for workplace injuries.

Appropriate Treatment and Referrals

When an employee becomes ill or injured at work, a decision needs to be made about what should happen next: Should the employee go to the emergency room or “wait and see” if the pain goes away?

State-of-the-art Triage Software

With Medcor, injured employees can speak over the phone with a specially trained triage professional the moment after an injury occurs. Medcor’s proprietary software and algorithms assess the injury’s severity and make recommendations for the best course of action. Triage services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Benefits of Telephone Triage

Costly emergency room visits and unnecessary clinic visits are avoided, while needed medical treatments are obtained sooner because Medcor’s patented triage methods recommend the level of care that is most appropriate to meet the injured employee’s needs. First aid is often the only care that is needed. At other times, telemedicine visits provide care to employees without them having to go offsite. When offsite care is needed, Medcor makes appropriate referral recommendations to preferred providers and vendors. The results are reductions in claims, costs, and litigation. All telephone triage calls are recorded to ensure quality care and deter fraud. Language translation is always available.

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Medcor's 24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage Process has Four PatentsMedcor’s triage method is covered by U.S. & foreign patents, including U.S. No. 8,346,573; 7,668,733; 7,716,070; & 7,720,692; other patents pending.

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