Medcor’s Workplace Injury Triage will help you provide better care for your policyholders’
injured employees and lower your workers’ comp costs.


Medcor’s workplace injury triage provides employers and their injured workers 24/7 access to nurses by phone, an important step in the pre-claim process to determine the most appropriate care for the individual. Our specially-trained nurses use Medcor’s patented triage methods to help injured workers have access to the right level of care at the right time; this approach reduces unnecessary workers’ comp claims and costs.

Medcor workplace injury triage will help you provide better care for your policyholders injuried employees and lower your workers comp costs.

Nurse Triage Testimonials

Medcor work with secura insurance to help lower workers comp costs.

“Our experience with Medcor has been nothing short of fantastic… Medcor has truly benefited us, our agents and our insureds. We believe strongly in nurse triage. Medcor has been able to deliver on every estimate and promise they made; in fact they have exceeded those expectations.”

-Dave Gross, President and CEO, SECURA


“The return on that investment is there, there is no question. We spend a huge amount of money on workers’ comp every year and
it’s down millions of dollars over the past five years.”

-Rick Sumner, Former Director Insurance & Safety, Dollar General


“With Medcor, employees are able to self-treat minor injuries with a nurse over the phone and stay active on the worksite. Instead of tying up two people to take the injured worker offsite for medical attention,Medcor takes care of them on the spot.”

-Ray Hansen, Safety Director, Sure Steel, Inc.

Injury Triage in the Media

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Medcor is mentioned in the Property / Casualty 360 articles frequently for there telephonic triage services.


Medcor has many telephone injury triage articles with work comp wire.

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Medcor insurance carriers additional information on telephonic injury triage.

Medcor Workplace Injury triage provides immediate access to a triage nurse by phone.

Medcor workplace injury triage will lower workers comp costs for Insurance Carriers.