Medcor provides On-site Occupational Health Services to clients with the use of onsite health clinics that can also be integrated with primary care clinics.In addition to the treatment of workplace injuries and illnesses, Medcor provides solutions for many occupational health service needs.

Medical Surveillance

Medcor performs necessary medical surveillance testing and exams for employees, including drug testing, audiometric (hearing conservation), spirometry (pulmonary function testing), respirator fit testing, additional OSHA required health monitoring, and new hire/pre-placement exams.

Safety and Training

As a leading onsite occupational health provider, Medcor clinic staff supports employers’ safety programs by collecting and reporting incident data, identifying trends, and helping to identify safety problems for corrective actions. Medcor can manage distribution of safety glasses (including prescription glasses), and other personal protective equipment. We can also provide health-related training on-site, including CPR, first aid, AED, and blood borne pathogens. Medcor clinic and safety training staff can train and support emergency response teams (ERTs) and manage AED programs.


Medcor offers a broad range of wellness, health education, and prevention programs.

Disability and FMLA

Since most disability and FMLA management programs are employer-specific, Medcor works with employers to deliver these services in accordance with internal management policies and procedures.

Case Management

Medcor monitors all cases sent to outside providers to:

  1. Ensure that employees keep appointments and follow prescribed treatment regimens;
  2. Acquaint outside providers with firsthand information about job requirements;
  3. Update outside healthcare providers on recent assessments of injured employees;
  4. Review medical treatment; and
  5. Return employees to work as soon as appropriate.

Integrating With Primary Care

Clients can choose to integrate their occupational health clinics with primary care services. Medcor provides the training, protocols, and software to ensure successful integration of services while maintaining strict separation of work-related and non-work health data.

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