Primary Care Clinics and Onsite Health Services For Employees, Retirees, And Dependents.

A Better Experience

Medcor’s on-site health clinics can provide for many general health needs of employees; clients can choose to extend services to dependents, retirees, and other covered lives. These clinics provide convenient access to care and more time for patients and providers to interact than in traditional healthcare clinics. Clinics accept appointments and walk-ins.

Wellness and prevention are key components of good primary care, not separate services, and are integrated into clinic encounters. Medcor’s clinic staff educates patients about their risks and conditions and options, then coach to improve lifestyle and support good health decisions.

Medcor’s primary care clinics are usually staffed by nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), supported by RNs and other professionals. Clinics can also be staffed by physicians.

Core On-site Clinic Services

  • Diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses

  • Physicals, screenings, and wellness visits

  • Management of chronic medical conditions

  • Medication management and education

  • Immunizations

  • Prescriptions and dispensing

  • Lab tests

  • Data reporting

Collaboration With Community Providers

For people with an established family practitioner, these clinics can support that relationship by providing episodic care when the primary provider is not available. For people without a primary health care provider, the on-site medical clinics can become their “medical home.” Medcor’s clinic staff works closely with the medical community on behalf of patients. Referrals are made to other medical and healthcare specialists when necessary. Clinic services can include labs, prescriptions, dispensing, and imaging.

Integrating With Occupational Health Services

Clients can choose to integrate their Primary Care clinics with Occupational Health Services. Medcor provides the training, protocols, and software to ensure successful integration of services while maintaining strict separation of personal health information from work-related health data.

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Primary Care Onsite Clinic Nurse Practitioner with a large scope of services including Occupational Health.