Medcor Telemed provides virtual health visits with a physician.

Medcor Telemed

Virtual Physician Visits.
When offsite referrals are necessary, telemedicine enhances Medcor’s onsite clinic service by giving patients convenient access to physicians.  In many cases, patients can obtain prescriptions and treatments without having to go to an offsite clinic.  24/7 nationwide service also provides coverage for smaller sites and times when an onsite clinic is closed.
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Service Options - Occupational Health, On-site Clinic, Worksite Health & Wellness, OSHA, RN, NP, MD, Medic

Occupational Health

Clinical management of workplace health and regulatory compliance.
Support for environmental, health & safety, and OSHA surveillance programs (e.g., hearing conservation and respiratory protection); exams (e.g., fitness for duty, DOT, HAZMAT); policy development; reporting (including OSHA logs); support for ergonomics, industrial hygiene, and other programs to reduce exposures and support productivity.

Service Options - Workers Compensation, Occupational Health, On-site Clinic, Worksite Health & Wellness

Workers’ Compensation

Treating work-related injuries and supporting workers’ comp programs.
Assess and treat workplace injuries, refer for additional care as needed; support case management; gather and analyze injury data; support safety, return-to-work, modified duty, and other programs; ensure compliance with state reporting and other regulations.

Service Options - Primary Care Clinics, On-site Clinic, On-site Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Clinic

Primary Care

Diagnosis and clinical management of chronic stable disease.
Primary care clinics providing the primary point of contact for patients in the health system; serving as a resource to educate and advise patients; refer and coordinate care with specialists as needed; manage minor infections and illness, as well as chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and stable heart disease.

Service Options - Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

Managing healthcare needs of the business traveler, especially for foreign travel.
Help assess travel-related health risks; provide education, vaccinations, medications, and travel health advice; help prepare screening criteria and travel health policies.

Service Options - 24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage Now For Your Company

Injury Triage

Immediate assessment and guidance in response to injury and illness.
Systematic assessment and telephone triage nursing to determine the severity of injury and illness at the onset of symptoms, followed by guidance in self-care, interim care, and appropriate referrals to preferred providers; real-time reporting to risk, safety, and claims managers.

Service Options - Pharmacy Services, On-site Clinics, Primary Care

Pharmacy Services

On-site prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.
Providing convenient access and low-cost medications, while ensuring unnecessary medications are avoided; utilizing generic options, long-term fills on maintenance medications, and other cost savings measures.

Service Options - Wellness, On-site Clinic, On-site Primary Care


Screening, education, prevention, and healthy lifestyles.
Health Risk Assessments (HRAs); vaccinations and immunizations; healthcare screening exams for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cancers; interventions to promote better fitness, nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle choices; support services, such as health fairs, smoking cessation, and weight loss programs.

Service Options - Rural Medicine

Rural Medicine

Acute and emergency care in remote settings.
Managing healthcare needs when comprehensive services are unavailable in terms of time and distance; emergency response, evaluation, treatment, stabilization, transport arrangements, and coordination with other responders.

Service Options - Urgent Care, On-site Clinics,

Urgent Care

Diagnosis and clinical management of minor acute episodic conditions.
Mobile medical care without scheduled appointments for acute illnesses (including strep throat, ear infections, colds, urinary tract infection), minor orthopedic injuries (can include X-ray capability), and soft tissue injuries (including sutures). Identify, stabilize, and refer more serious conditions.

Service Options - Emergency Response, Construction Medic, Mobile Medic

Emergency Response

Triage, acute intervention, and stabilization in emergencies.
Response, assessment, initial treatment, stabilization, and coordination with community EMS system; professional safety training, protocols, and medical direction for responders; Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).