Special Operations Tasks

Each client that Medcor serves poses challenges that require special skills and resources. Construction sites pose hazards for clients and associates alike as the physical layout and heavy equipment changes daily. Retail customers double their staff and increase their pace ten-fold during the holiday shopping season, requiring Medcor associates to keep pace. On occasion, Medcor is called to respond to life-threatening situations.

While some operations appear more dramatic than others, in a very real sense, all of our services are special operations.

Special Staff

Across the country, Medcor associates donate their time and skills to support community and faith-based programs dedicated to helping others. Dozens of Medcor associates serve on volunteer fire and rescue departments; many regularly work in hospital emergency departments. Some are assigned to FEMA, state, and county response teams. None sacrifice more than those associates who are serving with our armed forces; others stand ready in the reserves.

Wherever they are, Medcor associates represent the best characteristics of skilled, caring professionals who treat every patient, each client, and all operations as special.

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