We collaborate with our clients to provide them with the best possible model for their worksites. We remain flexible and innovative to satisfy our clients’ needs. We view all our customers as strategic partners, working together toward mutual objectives. Our systems are flexible to allow us to modify our staffing, scope, software, hours of operation, and other service components to meet each customer’s goals and budget.

Here are some examples: For our retail and agricultural clients, we ramp up and down staffing levels to adjust for seasonality in their business. We are able to function independently without relying on our clients’ programs – but for clients with well-developed programs, we can integrate into and support their initiatives. For a large city government, we designed and now operate a state-of-the-art mobile clinic that travels between multiple locations to serve employees over a widespread geographic area. We regularly add or modify clinical guidelines to accommodate client-specific needs, ranging from new hazards in their worksites, to foreign travel medicine and regulatory reporting requirements.

All our services and data systems are compatible with all third party claims administrators, RMIS systems, brokers, and insurance plans, so clients do not have to change any other component of their service to benefit from our solutions.