Corporate Officers

These executives determine strategy and set standards and policies for the Company and its subsidiaries. This team also oversees core business functions across the enterprise. They also lead by example in upholding the Company’s mission, culture and values.

Philip C. Seeger
President & CEO, Founder

Bennet W. Petersen
Chief Operating Officer, Founder

Robert E. Dooley
Chief Compliance Officer
& General Counsel

Sharon Moise, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Abraham W. Palmbach
Vice President
Strategic Development

Eric D. Robinson
Executive Vice President

Tim I. Sahouri
Chief Information Officer

Curtis H. Smith
Executive Vice President
& Chief Marketing Officer

Mark J. Smolenski
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer L. Wetteland, PA-C
Vice President of Informatics
& Business Intelligence

Anne Marie Zembrzuski
Vice President of Human Resources & Administration

Corporate Leaders

Corporate departments support and guide the Company’s lines of business and subsidiaries. These leaders work closely and collaboratively with customers, partners and internal stakeholders.

Jerome P. Jaskowiak
Vice President Sales

Anthony Mattivi
Vice President &
Assistant General Counsel

Alicia G. McGrath, RN
Executive Director of Training

Heather C. Taylor
Vice President
Worksite Wellness

Clinical Leaders

As a healthcare company, Medcor’s leadership includes a dynamic team of talented physicians. These clinicians provide oversight, support, coaching, training, and guidance for Medcor’s advocates and consultation for the Company’s clients. Most Medcor physicians also provide direct patient care through Medcor’s onsite clinics and virtual health platforms. The clinical leaders listed here represent a sample of the Company’s clinical leaership.

Sharon Moise, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Nadia Tereshchenko, MD, MS
Associate Medical Director &
Vice President of Clinical Affairs

Christopher McStay, MD
Associate Medical Director & Departmental VP

Thomas H. Glimp, MD
Medical Director Innovation R&D

Divisional & Subsidiary Company Leadership

Medcor’s divisional leaders are experts in their respective lines of business and responsible for their operations within Medcor’s overall strategy. They also coach and mentor their teams to attract, retain and develop top talent. These leaders work cooperatively to serve clients who utilize multiple lines of business from Medcor and to develop synergies between the operating divisions and Medcor’s subsidiaries. Subsidiary company leaders determine strategies for their companies specific to their service offerings and markets. They direct their organizations in executing on those strategies. They embrace Medcor’s standards, values and ethics, while maintaining their brand identity and client relationships.

Benjamin Backsmeier
Injury Triage
Divisional Vice President

Monique Barkett
Talisman Systems Group
President & CEO

Rosemarie P. Basan
Cebu Branch
General Manager

Haitham Dakkak
Vice President & General Manager

Matthew X. Engels
Vice President Business Development

Bill H. Garrels
Worksite Health & Wellness Divisional Vice President of
Customer Experience

Robert A. Hastie
Medcor Canada
President & CEO

P. Kevin Kelley
Construction Health & Safety
Brown Safety Services
Divisional Vice President

Mark E. Larson
Worksite Health & Wellness
Divisional Vice President of Strategy

Brian Wilbur, M.D.
Divisional Vice President, Health Security