Guiding Health Principles

We can all do better. We can always be more consistent in doing the things that experts say will help us be healthy. At Medcor, we endorse guiding health principles that, if followed consistently, will help us be healthy and happy individuals. We do not consider these principles as a wellness program, plan, or diet. Instead, they represent common-sense lifestyle practices that can be improved upon each day. Let’s encourage each other, and let’s do better together.

Stay fit for life’s adventures by eating food that is REAL – if it didn’t walk or grow on the planet, it is not real food.

Move your body every day, and enjoy the health benefits of physical activity now and down the road.

Get sustaining and plentiful sleep by practicing good sleep habits.

Be mindful of what brings joy to your life and what can help you maintain your mental balance.

Embrace good hygiene practices to prevent illness and promote healthful work and living spaces.