Triage to Telemed

Accurate Triage-to-Telemed Referrals

Medcor’s patented triage methods, together with our proprietary technology, identify when an injured employee’s condition will benefit from self-care and when it will benefit from telemedicine. Our ability to make patient-specific recommendations for care means that a substantial number of callers can be directed to telemedicine.

Avoid Offsite Hassles with Medcor Telemed

When triage callers are referred to Medcor Telemed, they are connected with physicians who will diagnose their condition, provide treatment orders and help them get to back to work as soon as appropriate. Our doctors will e-prescribe needed medications, order physical therapy or make referrals to specialists, give employees return-to-work clearances and inform them of any work restrictions. Just like our Injury Triage service, Medcor’s Telemed is available 24/7 nationwide.

Patient Care Navigators

Medcor Telemed patients are assisted every step of the way by a Patient Care Navigator. These Navigators are present throughout the telemedicine process. At the outset, they assist with technology and registration. During the visit, they document the physician’s treatment orders. At the end of the visit, they help patients with any questions they may have about how to pick up prescriptions or where to go for referrals, and they complete work status documentation.