Medcor at Yellowstone National Park provides onsite health and wellness clinics with primary care.


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Emgergencies Dial “911” or contact any National Park Service ranger within Yellowstone. Specially trained rangers provide rescue, emergency medical care, and ambulance service.

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Medical Clinics Medcor operates three urgent care clinics within Yellowstone park. The clinic at Mammoth is open year-round, staffed by a board certified physician and experienced RNs. The clinics at Lake and Old Faithful are open seasonally (see schedule at right) and are staffed with experienced Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and RNs. All of these clinics are open to the public and are staffed and equipped for most medical emergencies and routine care. Services include injury and illness treatment, X-rays, and some lab and pharmacy services. If in-patient care or specialist services are required, the clinic staff can stabilize patients and arrange for appropriate transfer to a hospital.

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Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Offering air and ground ambulance, trauma/specialty care, and support for back country medical rescues, EIRMC teams with Medcor to provide park visitors access to one of the top trauma centers in the U.S.

Medcor operates advanced practice clinics at the national park.

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Yellowstone National Park additional health information to stay safe at the park.

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Medcor at Yellowstone National Park 2019 Season Hours for our Onsite Clinics.

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